How to Set The Mood With Home Fragrance

Home fragrance for living room.

Did you know that humans can remember smells longer than anything else? All it takes is a whiff of a familiar scent to place a memory. With such power over us, the power of scent cannot be overstated! Here’s how to set the mood with home fragrance!

Home fragrance basics

While it’s easy enough to indulge in a room spray to freshen up any space, more options exist for home fragrance! Take a look at your lifestyle and what you would like your fragrance to achieve. Are you looking for a fragrance to help you unwind? Are you looking to imbue your space with a specific ambiance that is unique to ‘home’? The options are endless!

You like to customise: Do different scents agree with you on different days? Opt for a variety of scented candles and burn each one as desired! Try to pick candles with similar scents so that nothing clashes through day-to-day use.

You have kids or pets: With kids and pets in the equation, any fire hazards are a firm no-no! Instead, opt for electronic or reed diffusers, and be sure to keep them beyond the reach of playful hands and paws!

You’re allergic to synthetic smells: Opt for an oil burner and customise your fragrances by using a variety of different all-natural essential oils. You’ll be able to play chemist, build your own blends, and also change out your fragrance to suit your mood! Use lavender for relaxation, lemon to awaken the senses, or cedarwood for repelling mosquitoes!

You like to spritz: Consider finding a home fragrance that you can spritz from a bottle! You’ll be able to bring this around with ease, and if it is made of all-natural materials, your spritzer bottle will also double down as a bed-spray! Scents like lemongrass are also great for repelling mosquitoes!

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Home fragrances: A selection of options!

Pick a scent for your home fragrance

Depending on where you’ll be using your home fragrances, you’ll want to choose from a few different options! Here’s a handy guide!

Bathroom: We won’t comment on the business that goes on in the bathroom, but you’ll want to pick strong scents for this space! Sharp, sprightly fragrances like lemon, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and lavender are all great options!

Kitchen and dining room: While we don’t want our meals to be inundated with overly-floral scents, the use of culinary-inspired scents are perfect! Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg are great options; we also like fragrances inspired off citrus fruit like orange, lemon, and grapefruit. Don’t forget the robust scents of herbs like rosemary and thyme!

Bedroom: For a space meant to be calm and relaxing, scents like ylang ylang, lavender, and rose are perfect! Be sure to keep it light; too heady of a scent can disturb your sleep cycle!

Consider your allergies

Got the sniffles? It could very well be your choice of home fragrances! If you’re prone to allergies, try some natural ways for freshening up the air in your home. Opt for pandan leaves or oranges studded with cloves for a seasonal twist!

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