Dining Benches and How to Use Them

A dining bench may seem like the most mundane piece of furniture in the house. Don’t sell them short, though; used right, the humble bench will fit anywhere in your home! They give you the freedom to set or change the configuration of your dining area, and their functionality differs depending on where they are placed. Without a doubt, these dining benches are capable of creating a visual intrigue be it in your bedroom or foyer.

Flexible configurations and convertible spaces

Corner benches with padded backings are ideal if you plan for a convertible warm and cosy dining nook in your kitchen. Go ahead and make the best out of the space you have! If you have plenty of sunlight streaming in from large windows, you can convert the dining nook into a reading space, or with the right benches, a bay window. Use high back benches if you must! 

The most conventional design and configuration is similar to that of a picnic table. But you can also choose to go with a pair of benches: one with a backing and the other without. You can also opt to alternate between a bench and individual dining chairs of differing or matching styles and colour!

To cushion or not to cushion?

There’s always room for a backless bench in your home. They can be used as sideboards, room dividers, and seating. With some creativity, some homeowners even use them as coffee tables for the living room, or as tv consoles for lighter tvs and sound systems. You should take these into consideration prior to purchasing a dining bench for your home: 

  • Padded dining benches in particular make great makeshift ottomans in your bedroom! They also provide comfortable seating spaces for your walk-in wardrobe and vanity area. Those without cushions work great in the bathroom and in the laundry area! 


Tip: If you find unpadded dining benches uncomfortable, try draping it with a soft throw or a sheepskin rug.    Dining benches can serve as an ottoman at the foot of your bed, and also as a sideboard behind your sofa! 

Hallway gallery

Nothing fits in a narrow hallway better than a bench! Most importantly, you’ll want to keep it simple and clutter-free. Fill your hallway with your beloved artpieces, while outfitting it with an elegant bench with a silver frame; don’t forget the jewel-coloured cushions to amp up the drama! The empty space underneath these benches present plenty of storage and decorating opportunities.


Benching it: The Foyer establisher

Put retired benches to good use. Set a durable teak or antique wooden dining bench with a spindle back against a wall and you’ve got yourself a foyer!  

Tip: Are you in the habit of leaning back against the wall? Avoid using backless benches to prevent discolouration to your walls! 


DIY your own bench  

Get crafty! You can alter your dining bench for the outdoors or even make one from scratch with upcycled parts of your bed frame and chair backs. Use hinges and other mechanisms to establish a storage box bench! Don’t forget to prep them with wood or metal conditioners for the harsh outdoor conditions! 

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