How To Repel Dirt And Fight Health Hazards

Repel dirt by taking off your shoes the moment you enter your house!

In these uncertain and dangerous times, it pays off to be extra vigilant! Contrary to popular belief, it’s easy to repel dirt, and in doing so, fight health hazards. We’ll show you how in a few easy steps!

Repel dirt: Shower immediately upon getting home!

Repel Dirt: Watch Yourself Outside

There’s no time like now to break bad habits! Watch yourself when you’re out and about; try and refrain from leaning on rails and unnecessarily touching everything – you don’t know who else has touched it before and how healthy they’re feeling! Watch the floor to avoid stepping on puddles and animal droppings. And, you should absolutely take care to look where you sit, in case you end up landing on food crumbs and other unsavoury things!

Fight Health Hazards: Mask Up!

We know you’ve heard the message loud and clear, but we’re going to say it again: Mask up outdoors! Even without the threat of global pandemic looking overhead like a dark cloud, it’s still a great idea to put on a mask when you’re feeling a little under the weather. You’ll be keeping everybody around you safe and sound, while simultaneously keeping yourself safe from other potential irritants too!

Repel dirt: Put a bench by your front door so you can take off and put on your shoes with ease.

Repel Dirt: No Shoes Allowed!

If you walk around all day (and even if you don’t!), you need to leave your shoes at the threshold of your front door. Traipsing indoors with your shoes on invites unwanted dirt, grime, soil, and sand into your home, making clean-up an even bigger hassle than it already is. If you find your tile floors far too cold to bear with bare feet, find yourself a pair of comfortable home slippers! Bonus points if they’re fluffy and warm.

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Fight Health Hazards: Do Your Laundry!

If you’re doing laundry for an entire family, the urge can be strong to let it pile up until you absolutely can’t hold off! Take our word for it: Do not do it! Piles of dirty laundry are a festering ground for bacteria, germs, and grime from the outdoors. Inundated with sweat and bodily oils, they’re also prone to mould! Take care of your laundry the moment you have a sizeable basket for the wash, and dry it thoroughly afterwards! Be sure to find an appropriate basket or bag for your dirty laundry, too.

The same rules apply to bedsheets, which soak up your bodily oils and dust mite droppings! Also give your curtains a monthly wipe-down, as they can carry tons of dust hidden from sight!

Fight Health Hazards: Do your laundry to keep your home (and body!) clean!

Repel Dirt: Indoor/Outdoor Clothes

Here’s a good habit to get into: creating a distinction between indoor and outdoor clothes and sticking to it! Try to shower immediately upon returning home and change into your comfy PJs in time for dinner with the family. Do not, under any circumstances, get into bed with your outdoor clothes! Besides the obvious dangers of bringing in someone’s germs, it’s just not very sanitary.

Fight Health Hazards: Always Wash Your Hands

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but we could all use the reminder. Wash your hands! Studies have shown that an estimated 1,500 bacteria live on each square inch of your hand. That’s a horrifying imagery, considering how much we do with our hands: cooking in our kitchens, hugging our children, and poking our phones! Imagine how much of that can get transferred to your clothing and various technological gadgets throughout the day. Now imagine how much of that gets transferred onto your food when you cook or eat without washing.

Troubling, right? We certainly think so. Wash your hands!

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