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6 simple book storage ideas

How do you go about establishing a minimalist home when you have tons of books? Be it keeping them hidden in compartmental storage solutions or curated as part of your interior, only a bookworm knows what a bookworm needs best! Make decluttering a learning process and observe how your reading materials can play a part

Bright idea: Ways to illuminate your space with lighting

Picking the right lighting fixture for your space isn’t merely about picking up a beautiful design. You’d need to consider the colour temperature and the functionality of your space. So light up and give your home an ambience that is warm, intimate and comfortable! The light bulb moment: Light up larger spaces with fluorescent light

Light & Easy: The flexibility of foldable furniture

Flexible, foldable, and multi-purpose are among the many key features you want in your furniture especially, when you’re tight on space! Reasons why you should invest in foldable furniture:  Portability and storage  Foldable furniture can be packed into boxes, put away into the storeroom, or placed in the space between a wall and shelf depending

Storage hacks for every space

Storage hacks are all that you need to prevent an avalanche of an ever-growing mess in shared homes. Take these creative ideas as examples for curbing stress-inducing moments that come with having to claim precious storage space to yourself. Go ahead and let the creative juices flow:   Practice makes perfect:  If you think these

Are your curtains clean? Studies suggest no!

Are your curtains clean?

Many of us tend towards hanging up our curtains and then immediately forgetting about them. While this is understandable (even expected!) it cannot be overstated that curtains also need some tender, loving care! Here are some quick and easy tips for how to keep your curtains clean and perfect. What do you mean ‘are my

Home health tips for maintaining vigilance after MCO

Are you sick of being cooped up at home? It may be hard to resist having a simple family meal outdoors, but stay strong! Although regulations have loosened, it really is not worth throwing caution to the wind when your health is at risk! Stay vigilant and adhere to strict self-imposed rules outdoors! It doesn’t

How to Set The Mood With Home Fragrance

Home fragrance for living room.

Did you know that humans can remember smells longer than anything else? All it takes is a whiff of a familiar scent to place a memory. With such power over us, the power of scent cannot be overstated! Here’s how to set the mood with home fragrance! Home fragrance basics While it’s easy enough to