Guaranteed Lowest Price Terms and Conditions

  1. Our “Guaranteed Lowest Price” applies to confirmed purchased only. Customer must provide us with the official receipt to make a claim.
  2. Price match comparison will be conducted after deducting the value of the e-Gift Voucher from the price. For example:
    • SSF Member Price of Product A: RM699
      E-GIFT VOUCHER of Product A: RM100
      Nett Member Price of Product A: RM599
      Explanation: If the member finds same products (as elaborated in point 2) in the market, let say selling at RM499, we will match the price by giving an e-Gift Voucher worth double of the price difference – (RM100 X 2 = RM200)
  3. We will match the lower price that you have encountered with SSFHOME products, subject to terms and conditions. Additionally, we will pay twice the value of the price difference.
  4. Payment will be in the form of e-Gift Voucher that can be redeemed at any outlets. It is valid for one (1) month from date of email receive.
  5. Please provide necessary proof. The following conditions must apply to the lower price submitted:

    • Same design, material, color, and size
    • Same currency
    • Prices you paid must be the final rate, including delivery and/or installation
    • The lower-priced product is available for purchase
    • Sales within Malaysia
    • Intended for end-user purchase
    • Covers all genuine advertised and in-store prices of major retail chain stores only (includes online sites of brick-and-mortar chain stores locally).
  6. The “Guaranteed Lowest Price” does not apply where, the lower price is not available to the public, which include:
    • Trade/road show/warehouse discount prices
    • Display sets
    • Limited sets deals
    • Clearance items
    • Opening/Anniversary specials
    • Purchase with Purchase (PWP)
    • Package deals
    • Loyalty programs
    • Any prices requiring membership
  7. We reserve the right to verify the authenticity of the competitor’s price and product availability.
  8. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the Guaranteed Lowest Price at any time without prior notice.
  9. Any disputes regarding price matching will be resolved in accordance with our policies.
  10. Other terms and conditions may apply.
  11. All items are advertised in good faith to be available at the time of the offer. However, unforeseen problems or unexpected demand may occasionally result in stock being unavailable.
  12. While great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of all prices and descriptions, SSFHOME reserves the right to correct any errors and adjust prices, especially due to custom duty or other statutory changes that are beyond our control.