Home health tips for maintaining vigilance after MCO

Are you sick of being cooped up at home? It may be hard to resist having a simple family meal outdoors, but stay strong! Although regulations have loosened, it really is not worth throwing caution to the wind when your health is at risk! Stay vigilant and adhere to strict self-imposed rules outdoors! It doesn’t end there, though – your home health is also extremely important!

First off: Stay abreast on your mental health

Has staying home taken a toll on your mental health? Restrict the use of gadgets to these activities before homing in on your goal to get as creative as you can within the confines of your living space:

  • Communication is key! With the diverse communication platforms available in this digital age, staying connected with your family and friends has never been easier!


  • Uncomfortable with the changes you’ve put up with?  Not all schedules need to be changed! Try sticking to your schedule, as per usual.

  • Don’t worry, you’re not missing out on any events with live concerts and workshops being conducted online.

  • Have you been dying to visit your favourite cafe? Use the opportunity to perfect your coffee-making skills! Try making a hot cup of java with a new coffee machine!


Change your habits

It’s not worth blowing your top over the things you can’t control. Take the little time that you have to consider your well-being and your overall home health. You should also be a little more mindful of your choices by picking up healthier habits!

a. Change your eating habits by incorporating a wholesome, balanced meal! Start your bento-making project from scratch!

b. Missing out on good sleep due to a hectic work schedule? There’s no better time than now to catch up on your sleep. But if it isn’t work that is affecting your sleep, try eliminating the possible causes. Start exploring with different aromatherapy scents that best suit your tastes. Don’t forget to test different materials for your sheets to establish a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your room!

c. Discover music that helps you relax or focus on your work!


Make the new normal a meaningful one

  • Don’t let the negative thoughts of staying in get to you. Instead, turn it into an opportunity to be productive!
  • Think of what you can do with ordinary things. It’s the little things that always get neglected! Start by planning how to best use your garden space, or what you can do with that stack of recycled paper.
  • Discover what activities are therapeutic for you. This can extend to tending to your houseplants, sewing and crafting, or reading books.



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Post-MCO: Ways to stay vigilant at home

Keep harmful germs and bacteria at bay! A well-ventilated home keeps harmful germs and bacteria away. Windows aside, a fan and a few air purifiers would do the trick! The accumulation of dust particles within your home could trigger allergies and sinuses, which you don’t want to leave a wrong impression in public especially in confined spaces such as public transportation.

Shop less. Cut down on your shopping trip to prevent the risk of an infection. Create a shopping list with your family prior to scheduling a grocery run in your calendar.  You might want to use apps to shop for your groceries, whereby they can be delivered right to your doorstep at a fee.

An abundant supply of masks! Keep a supply or surgical masks in your car, by the doorway, or near the key bowl. That way, you’ll always remember to put one on before you head out!

Do not go DIY with important things! Making your own hand sanitisers can be life threatening, especially if you don’t know the individual ingredients well enough. Storing these ingredients away carelessly could cause them to produce toxic fumes! Much like hand sanitisers, 3-ply masks are of great importance. If sewing isn’t your forte, it’s best to invest in a manufactured mask rather than trying to make one of your own.

Social distancing at home. It’s easy to forget the one-metre social distancing rule, particularly if you’ve been cooped up at home since the start of the MCO. Put this into practice within your home using kitchen or bathroom mats! This is a great way to get your kids to learn, too.


Power up with superfoods – but according to your health! Healthy foods and superfoods are both great, but like everything else, are required in moderation. Try boosting your immune system with broccoli, capsicum, or spinach. Certain fruit and vegetables may be harmful to those afflicted with individual health issues, so do your research prior to consuming any of these!

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