Are your curtains clean? Studies suggest no!

Are your curtains clean?

Many of us tend towards hanging up our curtains and then immediately forgetting about them. While this is understandable (even expected!) it cannot be overstated that curtains also need some tender, loving care! Here are some quick and easy tips for how to keep your curtains clean and perfect.

What do you mean ‘are my curtains clean?’ They’re perfect as they are!

Aha! Your curtains may look perfect, but that doesn’t mean they are clean and free from dust mites and other allergens! Studies have shown that deadly strains of bacteria thrive on certain types of curtain materials, with viruses and mould also proving worrisome. So, while a thorough wash every week is overdoing it, we still recommend maintaining your curtains through these other means.

Oh. Fine, you’ve convinced me – how do I keep my curtains clean?

Curtain maintenance doesn’t necessarily need to be an exhausting chore! While it’s true that they will collect dust over time, the fact also remains that they see far less interaction than the floor or the carpet. This doesn’t negate the potential transfer of bacteria from our hands every time we draw the curtains, however! Thankfully, there are any number of ways to maintain your curtains, ensuring they’re kept clean and safe for living with, and around!

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Sheer curtains kept clean.

Do weekly – Vacuum your curtains to combat the dust

If you’re constantly beleaguered with sinus issues and allergies, you’ll understand all too well the pain of dealing with dusty curtains! Put on a mask and give your curtains a good shake during your weekly cleaning routine. You can then vacuum as usual to ensure that all the dust is removed from your space. Otherwise, you can also use the carpet attachment on your vacuum cleaner to give your curtains a quick one-over.

Do weekly – Spritz on some anti-bacterial curtain cleaner

Your curtains can be breeding grounds for bacteria, and one way to keep them clean is to spritz some anti-bacterial cleaner every week! Be sure that you pick the right cleaner, as pure bleach will undoubtedly stain or strip the colour from your precious curtains!

Do bi-monthly to quarterly – Wash or dry clean your curtains

Depending on how dusty your neck of the woods is, you’ll need to wash your curtains more frequently. Check that your curtains are machine-washable before attempting anything of the sort! Most curtains can, in fact, be washed – so give them a whirl and hang them up while damp to air dry on a sunny day. If your curtains cannot be washed, look into dry cleaning options instead!

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Do as necessary – Spot clean spotty or stained curtains

Treat spots the moment you discover them to ensure that your curtains don’t stay stained! This will help you keep your curtains fresh and perfect for longer, while maintaining and preserving their lifespan.

Storage tip – If you have more than one set of curtains to suit your seasonal aesthetics, store them right when not in use! Folding your curtains over long periods of time can result in fold lines; instead, roll them up and store them that way!