Top 10 Ways to Use Marble in Home Design

Marble in home design can blanket the space in luxe and modernity. Here are a few inspiring ways and neat tricks to master when incorporating the material into your living space:

Black and white marble look dining table for the home.Leave no stone unturned

Don’t let niches and recesses ruin the look of your stylish interior. Use marble in home design to convert these obscure spaces into focal points that complement your eye-catching interior. Marble is especially beautiful when paired with cool colours like navy blue or dark green, while accents in gold up the ante.

Light and breezy

Light marble surfaces make for stunning backdrops! In the kitchen, the material enhances your food presentation effortlessly, which is perfect when you’re taking photos for the ‘gram or hosting a dinner party. Throw in green plants, antiques, and dark wood furniture for a localised touch; add light wood for a modern-zen aesthetic. 

A new divide

Blessed with a balcony or a veranda? Use marble to set a quirky but stylish symmetrical divide in between the aesthetics of interior and exterior! Bring in houseplants with marble details similar to those you might find on natural stone coasters, vases or coffee tables. Don’t forget to rein in the look with a pot of marble pothos for a cohesive and seamless design flow. 

Drum up the drama

Make a change: indulge in a marble sink and countertop and your bathroom will go from dull to desirable! Individual pedestal sinks, vessel bowls, or one-piece undermount sinks can lend an artistic touch to your marble countertop. The material will also accentuate the look of your essentials, and can even highlight bars of soap and other pops of colour from houseplants like orchids.

Black marble look pebbles

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Go bold or go home.

Too much marble in your living space? Turn it around to your advantage by layering it with more marble! Pair genuine marble with faux marble. Marble wall artworks of epoxy resin in abstract colours such as blue or pink work well with hints of gold, which bring out the natural hues and veins of your tabletops. 

Roll out the marble carpet. 

Install strips of differently-coloured or patterned marble flooring in your hallway! That way, you’re always guest-ready without having to invest in unconventionally lengthy carpets, or bother with the hassle of maintaining them. Similar concepts can also be incorporated into your bathrooms! Achieve a focal point in larger bathrooms with bathtubs on raised marble platforms amidst wooden flooring. 

All pebbled up! 

Marble is frequently viewed as a monochromatic material, but in truth, they’re available in numerous hues, from black, grey to beige! Incorporate this concept within your pet’s enclosure to match up with your stylish interior. Create a beautiful gradient in your aquariums or tortoise habitats with an assortment of lustrous marble pebbles which are readily available in hardware or pet stores. Alternatively, these pebbles can also be used in your centerpieces featuring floating candles in glass vessels. 

Marble-llous inventions

Salvage leftover pieces of marble to make chevron-patterned headboards framed in gold, or a space divider that doubles up as a stunning television console in open homes.

Luxury and grandeur

Bibliophiles listen up! It may be hard to get your hands on thick slabs of marble for bookshelves, but you can still incorporate the material through bookends, table lamps, clocks, and stationery sets.

SSF Banana tree decoration with marble base

Curtain call

It’s the finishing touches that bring a design story to life.  Marble can be incorporated into your home without breaking the bank. Bring home the look of luxury with a decorative piece complemented by a gorgeous marble stand, “soft” marble-patterned bedding or cushion covers for a “lighter” visual in your bedroom. Pair them off with colours such as pastel pink or black to bring home a casual chic or distinctly sophisticated look.

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