How to Change Your Living Room Style in 5 Easy Steps

Giving your living room a makeover doesn’t need to be complicated. Bring a drastic change to the style of your living room in five easy steps: 

Break away from the visuals you’re accustomed to

Configuration is key and it takes precedence over the look of your living space. Bored with the way your living room looks? If you’ve settled with the idea of giving your home a simple makeover, get ready to be blown away by how easy it is to rearrange your sofa and decorative pieces! If you’re feeling extra bold, swap out the decorative pieces in your living room for those in the bedroom or study. Besides giving your home a fresh new look, you might even discover new ideas for the future!  

Curtains can change the style of your living room 

Always layer sheer and opaque curtains together! That way, you won’t plunge your living room into darkness during the day with blackout curtains. The colours you choose for your curtains are equally important as they can impact the illusion of space in your home. Go for curtains in darker shades if you’re looking to create an intimate space within larger rooms. Lighter shades, however, are recommended for smaller rooms. And if you’re after a modern style, opt for blinds, which look neater and more streamlined. As an added bonus, you can even control the angle and amount of light streaming in to protect valuable artworks as well as your furniture from discolouration!

Create an illusion of space with glass and mirrors

Cherry pick the finest glass fixtures and floor-to-ceiling mirrors to create an illusion of space within smaller living rooms. Depending on where and how they’re placed, your mirrors can give you a little or a lot of sunlight. The latter is beneficial to certain houseplants in living rooms with small or too few windows.  

Floral rug cutout.

Balance out the space with a rug

A picture paints a thousand words. A rug in the interior world serves as the final piece of the home puzzle, completing any room that looks incomplete. You can count on a rug to balance out singular-hued rooms with additional colours while balancing perfectly against extreme warm or cold aesthetics with texture, materials, and patterns.

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Classical lamp with golden stand and white lampshade.

Figure out your design story 

Whether it comes from a sophisticated, sculptured lighting fixture or a single bare light bulb, the design and colour temperature of these lights add a finishing touch to the design story of your living space. Figure out what your design story is and try to change it up with your lighting fixtures; alternatively, changing your bulb can also provide a new look! You could even change up your lampshades!

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