5 Decor Looks Still Popular in 2020

Decor look still popular in 2020 - individuality and colour pops!

Are your decor looks still in trend? You’ll be surprised that these good old nifty tricks work in spicing up your living space. These are five trends and decor looks still popular in 2020!

A decor look in vogue: Casual modern living room set up with grey armchairs and jungle palm prints in background.

Make it pop: Celebrating individuality

Use colour to uplift the look of your living space! Yellow in wallpaper, sculptured artwork, flowers, and a simple cushion works like a charm even in the most conventional setting. They accentuate the beauty in simple designs and conventional muted colours, set within a single-tone living space. With colours, we continue to push boundaries, celebrating individuality with interesting visuals established in our living spaces.

Another decor look still in vogue: Living room set up with pale grey sofa, pyramid-textured mirror and zebra painting.

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High contrast styles among decor looks still popular in 2020!

Dive into a monochrome world rich in tapestries and textures. If your mantra is ‘go bold or go home’, incorporate stripes and zebra prints into your rugs as well as art pieces framed in silver or gold. If you don’t intend to incorporate glossy and matte furniture and accessories into your home, gorgeous leather pouffes or a leather sofa works too! All-in-all, an expensive look is established using soft luxurious rugs accompanied by mirrors and decorations with metallic accents. 

This look is practical! If it becomes a little too busy over time, you can switch some things around to create a cleaner, contemporary look. Tone down the vibrancy of stark white or metallic accents by swapping them out for darker hued accessories. Layer them into your living space and don’t be afraid to play around with darker shades of blue to amp up the luxurious ambience! 

You can also achieve a high-contrast colour scheme in your home by using colours like blue and red. 

Red and orange patterned throw pillow and brown textured throw pillow.Back to the past: Vintage

This design concept is interesting because you can set your own definition of what’s vintage in numerous ways. You’ll have the flexibility to work around pastel furnishings in your kitchen or add quirky patterned cushions into your living room for a retro look. Who’s to say you can’t inject a rich 1920’s vibe into your home or even establish wood or floral-centric rooms? These add character and a dramatic flair to the design story of your living space. 

Go vintage and luxurious with a textured foreground of raw bricks complemented by exposed metal pipes and collectors’ items. 

Blue accents and furnishings are a decor look still popular in 2020!

Flourishing florals

Welcome the floral brigade! No longer viewed as demure, feminine, and gaudy, florals keep your room from looking too empty or too cluttered. The choice of colours and flowers can also lend different vibes, whether cheerful, welcoming, luxurious, or playful. When paired with glass shower screens and dark wood coffee tables, exotic orchids can enhance a relaxing Balinese touch to both your bathrooms and living rooms. 

Simply irresistible: Navy Blue

This soothing colour exudes an elegant, mid-modern sophistication especially when paired with colours like white and brown, and accentuated with silver or gold accents. The colour is perfect for your dining room, bedroom, or even in the kitchen. Strike a timeless look by pairing it up with a gorgeous marble-patterned backsplash! 

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