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Creating an Ombre Style At Home

Ombre breaks down the colour story and explores your choice of shades in furnishings. A skillful technique in establishing unique effects on dull doors and old drawers, it’s a great way to add colour and flair at home! Here are a few creative ways to incorporate ombre into your interior aesthetics. Sharpen your ‘ombre’ skills

Dressing Your Sofa

“Suit up!” is a phrase us potatoes and sitcom buffs are familiar with. Suit up we will! Dressing up your sofa from the sole-up isn’t an occasion-only initiative; in fact, like your favourite television characters, you should use these accessories to boost the look and comfort of your seating for normal day-to-day wear and tear!

We Bet Your Kids Will Love These Bedsheets

We bet your kids will love these bed sheets!

It’s common knowledge that kids are easily influenced in their formative years. That’s why it’s very important that their bedroom decorations reflect only the good things, while simultaneously fostering creativity! Soft furnishings like bedding, curtains, and carpets naturally contribute to the look, feel, and vibe of the space. Check out these options – your kids

6 Clever Ways You Never Thought to Use Artificial Plants

Ah, flowers and foliage! If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a home decorated with a rich and playful display of flowers and foliage without triggering your sinus, we can help! Pick out artificial plants with lush foliage and fan them out on the wall for a tropical look. You can also use brightly-coloured orchids

Cafe Furniture And How It Can Affect Guest Experience

Cafe furniture ideas: Contemporary modern and balinese fusion dining space.

Think back to your favourite cafe. Imagine the experience from start to finish; what sticks out the most? Service and menu are both very important parts of the experience, but equally important are the aesthetics and comfort of the cafe furniture! The Instagram Aspect of Cafe Furnishing Here’s the reality of the age where social

How to Change Your Living Room Style in 5 Easy Steps

Giving your living room a makeover doesn’t need to be complicated. Bring a drastic change to the style of your living room in five easy steps:  Break away from the visuals you’re accustomed to Configuration is key and it takes precedence over the look of your living space. Bored with the way your living room

Top 10 Ways to Use Marble in Home Design

Marble in home design can blanket the space in luxe and modernity. Here are a few inspiring ways and neat tricks to master when incorporating the material into your living space: Leave no stone unturned Don’t let niches and recesses ruin the look of your stylish interior. Use marble in home design to convert these