Why Wood Furniture Will Never Go Out Of Style

Dark, modern, and sophisticated dining table and chairs in lacquered wood.

Fit for royalty, wood furniture which will never go out of style has been a mainstay of homes for centuries now.  Discover some of their hidden quirks and why they are still relevant today!

Rustic country wood dining table with orchids in china vase

Centuries wear on but wood furniture remains the same!

Wood ages well with time, the lustrous beauty, colour and natural grains show for it in well-maintained furniture. Why bring home a piece steeped in history? Their timeless aesthetic looks great even in modern homes!

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Wood elevates a sense of cosiness unlike any other material

Wood furnishings add visual weight and warmth to the stark coldness of modern homes. The variants of wood, colour, texture, and design afford homeowners the means to achieve a stunning yet intimate living space. Don’t forget to take a look at the woodgrains of the piece you’re eyeing! These all-natural elements can give your wood furnishings an artisanal, unique touch.

Modern wood and steel trayWood is versatile in countless material pairings 

Trends come and go but wood accentuates the richness of your choices, whether in material pairings, patterns and colours. Your preference for the material effectively eliminates the difficulties in selecting the right home decorations. 

Wood creates one piece wonders

Wood furniture has many fine qualities. Spot their distinct features in the smooth and seamless artistry as well as those forged from a single piece of solid wood. Rare gems flaunt dovetail joints! So pick out pieces with quirky details, in all the right places, to best suit your home.

Dark wood six seater dining set

Wood furniture will never go out of style, but how sustainable are they?

The common line of argument centers between a choice of reclaimed wood and certified wood. Here’s how they differ!



Reclaimed wood doesn’t require the felling of trees from an already depleted forest. For example, old train track slippers can be converted into a dining table.

Eco-conscious homeowners can proudly flaunt ethically-sourced, pesticide-free certified wood furniture without the cost of illegal deforestation.

Visit a store near you for some amazing wood options!