Cafe Furniture And How It Can Affect Guest Experience

Cafe furniture ideas: Contemporary modern and balinese fusion dining space.

Think back to your favourite cafe. Imagine the experience from start to finish; what sticks out the most? Service and menu are both very important parts of the experience, but equally important are the aesthetics and comfort of the cafe furniture!

Cafe furniture: Long wood table with bench, perfect for social distancing!

The Instagram Aspect of Cafe Furnishing

Here’s the reality of the age where social media is concerned: More often than not, we feed our phones before we feed ourselves. A quick scroll through any Instagram feed is sure to be inundated with an assortment of restaurant catch-up selfies, gorgeously-plated food, and interesting interiors. We are, after all, a society that thrives on beauty and aesthetics – and so a large part of any restaurant and cafe interior is its ability to capture the imagination!

Comfort Versus Aesthetics

The age-old divide between comfort and aesthetics has moved closer in recent years, thanks in large part to shifting perceptions and the mindset that comfort is of the utmost importance. And that same ideal is evident in the spaces of the day, whether it is at home or outdoors. Today’s cafes have advanced beyond merely places to eat; more and more, restaurant and cafe owners are learning that curating a ‘second home’ experience is key to customer comfort.  This means lounging areas that are conducive to friends catching up, comfortable chairs, and table surfaces large enough to accommodate an assortment of activities – working, eating, sharing, chatting, and so on.

Cafe Furniture: Rustic Countryside dining set.

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Mixing and Matching Cafe Furniture

The age of matchy-matchy is over! While old-fashioned aesthetics can be charming, today’s discerning consumer is exposed to good design and styles. To this end, designers have gotten wiser, and restaurant and cafe spaces of the day are stylishly done up to incorporate multi-functional furnishings!

Mood Lighting and Ambiance

Harsh lighting can make spaces hard and uncomfortable. This is why most cafes and restaurants use mood and accent lights and uplighting to create a comfortable, welcoming ambiance. It’s important that guests are able to see properly, so lighting should never hurt the eyes! To this end, dimmers are a great investment! Similarly, many restaurateurs and cafe owners opt for warm lighting as opposed to harsh fluorescents.

Arrangements and Ease of Movement

The key to comfort is how easily and safely a customer can navigate around a cafe or restaurant. There’s no way a creaking chair or a rickety barstool is going to be comfortable for a conducive dining experience. In a time of COVID-19 and social distancing rules, it’s extra important that restaurants provide comfortable and well-spaced options!