How to Find the Perfect Office Chair!

Office chair for home workspace with support and armrests.

Shopping for an office chair? Putting them to the test is a must to find one that is of the right fit for you. We went on a merry adventure to SSF Subang Parade in search of one that would fit the bill!

Find the Perfect Office Chair

Meet the office chair with a mesh backing.

This classic-contemporary piece with no frills will easily meet all your basic needs. Firm back support ensures you can sit in the right posture for long hours at a time, while a lever allows for you to make adjustments to your sitting height.

(SKU: FCHSLC171103)


Get comfy with this gorgeous swivel chair.

Padded from the seat to its back and armrest, this high-backed swivel office chair is immensely comfortable! The only setback we foresee for habitual workaholics: you’ll end up not leaving your seat for a good thirty minutes after work. Don’t forget to do some stretches in-between all that typing!

(SKU: FCHMLM190410)



A swivel office chair that fits perfectly even in small studies.

This Swivel Office chair will fit right into work stations of any shape, size, and design.

This office chair looks fresh out of the 1930s! Boasting a smooth swivel feature, it provides for easy workflow and ergonomic reach within a unique L-shaped desk. Minimal and shapely, this office chair won’t take up a lot of space and can be paired with wooden desks. It is perfect for when you’re setting up a small, stylish and conducive workspace within your bedroom.


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Make an unconventional choice that matches the aesthetic of your room!

While an office chair is a must for a workspace, you can also opt to forego one and pick a comfortable armchair as a temporary solution. This armchair features a gorgeous upholstered seat paired off with black legs and wooden armrests of just the right height. You certainly can lean back with ease. It’s plenty comfortable, and you can pair it off with a desk that complements the height of its wooden armrests.

(SKU: FCHMDF191001)

Use a comfortable armchair in place of your office chair as a temporary solution.