6 simple book storage ideas

How do you go about establishing a minimalist home when you have tons of books? Be it keeping them hidden in compartmental storage solutions or curated as part of your interior, only a bookworm knows what a bookworm needs best! Make decluttering a learning process and observe how your reading materials can play a part in your interior with these creative book storage ideas:

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Book storage 1#: String it along

Select a few light reads to display with your cosy bay windows and in your bedrooms and bathrooms! Craft a simple storage solution using wall-mounted hook rails and looped ribbon bookmarks to keep your books off the floor!

Tip: Hangers are a great alternative. They make great bookmarks too!



Convert plastic hanging dryers with pegs into book mobiles! If book ‘chandeliers’ aren’t your style, try dressing up your boring ceiling with a ‘ladder’ towel rack. Pictured: HHLZJP151104WH

Book storage 2#:
A book mobile!

Plastic hanging dryers can be a real eyesore! Have them spray painted to convert them into book mobiles or chandeliers of sorts, for your bathroom. The turnable feature offers you the convenience with which to pick out a book to read. It’s a perfect decorating piece for the foyer too, especially if you make frequent visits to the bookstore.




Cut back the clutter, keep them hidden, or be bold and incorporate them as part of your interior. Pictured: HHLHTE151206

Book storage 3#:
For the curator

Be the proud owner of a personal library housing your collection of novels and hardcover books. Try varying your storage solutions for a curated look! Replicate the shelving concept of a library by stacking or hanging up your books on several clothes racks to illustrate the abundance of your books! Have books spaced out on wall racks installed on your feature wall. Alternatively, storage solutions can also be altered with varied accessories for your pegboard!

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Lack storage space for your books? Invest in a well-designed side table such as this one.
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Book storage 4#:
For the lack of storage space

No storage space for your last purchase? If you’re desperate for any opportunity to sneak in a few more books into your living space, you’re in for a surprise! Books can blend inconspicuously into any interior in the most obvious spaces! Books look great on the edges of a rail-less staircase, as decorative pieces along a platform bed, and as protective ‘mats’ under accessories on glass or mirrored coffee tables. You can also use them to fill up the awkward gaps between potted plants in the corners of rooms.

Tip: Pots and vases can also be used as bookends!


Set aside your to be read pile using a storage box.
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Book storage 5#: Productive reading goals

Cut back on your to be read (tbr) pile by setting your reading goals in stone with storage boxes or crates. Keep them off the floor by categorising them in metal baskets installed on the wall at different heights, based on the ‘deadlines’ you’ve established.




Store all of your reading essentials on the bar cart.
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Book storage 6#: “A book cart”

Every bookworm needs reading material within reach at all times! A pile of books, a box of bookmarks, scented candles or reed diffusers, and even beverages can be stored on the different tiers of a bar cart. Those with casters can even be moved from the living room to the bedroom, which means you’ll have your own mobile library!