Beachside Chic For A Rustic Home

Beachside chic for a rustic home

If rustic interiors are your aesthetic, you should consider incorporating a hint of beachside chic! Wildly popular in the design books of today, this style is one that echoes casual, carefree vibes, with plenty of whitewashed wood and soft china blues. Here’s how to get the look!

Incorporate plenty of wood

Beachside chic aesthetics often incorporate elements of rustic design. This naturally means an abundance of wood, with raw and untreated options valued over painted or stained counterparts. Other apt material pairings include pale marble, clear glass, and wrought iron.

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Whitewash your surfaces

One of the main hallmarks of rustic chic, and by extension, beachside chic, is an abundance of bright, white, and clean colours. That means you should incorporate some whitewashed furnishings, whether in the form of tables or chairs, wood or steel alike. White-painted walls are also a great way to highlight the aesthetic, though other great, textural options include feature walls incorporating wood panels or raw brick.

Use natural materials

With wood being the main design material, it is still important to incorporate other natural materials so as to allow the aesthetic to jive well together. Consider linens, wool, and silks over polyester, and opt against ‘sumptuous’ shimmering materials like velvet and satin. Woven rattan accessories are also a great way to further enhance the aesthetics. And while plain patterns are generally favoured, you can change things up with some fun little water-themed prints, too!

Bring in plenty of soft furnishings

Comfort is key in the beachside chic style, and that means you’ll want to bring in plenty of soft furnishings. Think thick warm throws, heavy woven rugs, soft linen pillows, and the occasional pelt or fur rug for a touch of luxe! Be sure to keep your curtains light, so you get plenty of sun during the day, too! Don’t forget to add a fun, quirky little soft toy for the little ones, too.

Add greenery and country-style accessories

Consider incorporating air plants into your beachside chic aesthetic! Low low-maintenance and remarkably easy to care for (just spritz with water every few days), they are also the perfect colour scheme for beachside chic, being dusky green and slightly faded in comparison to other greenery options. If you’re bad with plants, look into artificial options instead! Don’t forget to incorporate other accessories that speak of maritime quirkiness; we love the idea of wooden carvings, seashell, clay pottery, blue china, and macramé!

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Keep things bright and airy

Sunlight is key in keeping a home the right kind of open and airy! Make sure you have plenty of unimpeded windows to let in the golden rays of day, and don’t forget to throw them open to give yourself lots of fresh air, too!