Storage hacks for every space

Storage hacks are all that you need to prevent an avalanche of an ever-growing mess in shared homes. Take these creative ideas as examples for curbing stress-inducing moments that come with having to claim precious storage space to yourself. Go ahead and let the creative juices flow:


Get creative with your storage solutions. Try out these storage hacks:

Practice makes perfect: 

If you think these ideas aren’t for you, try creating your own storage solutions. Before you do, distinguish your aims and goals for storing items. Answer these with clarity to get a good head start:

1. What are your aims and goals in creating additional storage?

2. What will you be using the storage for?

3. What are your storing requirements?

4. How is space a concern? (Think of ways you can put items away without space being a concern)

5. What are the housekeeping rules when it comes to removing and storing items?

6. Have you weighed the pros and cons of your decision?


Who is the storage for:


3-tier storage cart with casters, MBAPJET190409.

Storage hacks for: The multitasker

Sick and tired of breaking your toes on stray Lego bricks? A storage cart with casters will provide plenty of storage room for your children’s toys, books, and other necessities like diapers and milk bottles! This cart is also perfect for artsy folk: you can store both crafting materials and even planting tools! The best part? It’s extremely mobile and easy to wheel around. If different family members are sharing the cart, you can even make a project out of dedicating one tier per family member.

Tip: DIY your own cart with serving trays! Try to incorporate a pull-out mechanism for convenience! You can also build a solution out of the materials you have; for example, try making a key holder out of Legos!

Storage hack for: Skinfood junkies! 

Declutter your vanity table by using a cake turntable for little bottles of essential oils, perfumes, skincare products, or even lip balms.


SSF Bench FSOATH171205GY

Storage hacks for: The avid travellers

Old habits die hard. It may be difficult to cut the habit of collecting limited edition stationery, stamps, and other collector’s items. This can result in a tight squeeze if you don’t have much desk or storage space to begin with. With a bit of creativity, however, your personal collection of collector’s items could become the best kept secret with storage ottomans conspicuously placed in the living room and bedroom. However, to make the most out of the available storage space in your ottoman, you can equip it with individual organisers while taping other items down onto the cover of the storage compartment.

Tip: If necessary, you can also attach a pouch to the top of the storage compartment.

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Storage hack for: House guests. 

Keep your aesthetics in top form with boxed tissue paper; toilet paper rolls can be unsightly in a stylish living space, so if you have no other options, remember to place them in painted or decorated wet wipe containers to hide their bulk away.

SSF 3-book storage boxes, DGLHDG140705

Storage hacks for: Families with pets and young children. 

Keep bits and bobs safely tucked away from curious pets! For this purpose, you’ll want to invest in a space-saving storage box. Decorative on the surface, these storage boxes will fit snugly in between the books on your shelf.

Storage hacks for: Guest rooms. 

Inspire your guests with a little creativity. Store fabrics in pillow cases or old luggage bags in guest rooms where fresh bed linens are rarely needed. You can also store old, light-weight toys in retired straw bags.