The Ultimate Modern Furniture Design Guide

Living room with modern furniture design, wood, and dark chairs.

Modern Furniture Design – what exactly does it constitute? It’s a popular buzzword in the world of design today, and most of us instinctively understand what it entails. Think of sleek materials and minimalist lines coming together to create beautiful furnishings. Still, there is so much more to the style! Don’t worry; we’re here to shed some light with our ultimate modern furniture design guide!

Wooden sideboards with gold accents styled in modern design style.

Modern furniture design in a nutshell:

What exactly is modern furniture design? Most people associate the term with all things new and clinical. This, however, cannot be further from the truth! Designers generally use the term ‘modern’ to reference designs inspired by the Bauhaus school of design, which was popular from the 1900s to 1950s. Great examples of this style can be found in cult television shows like Mad Men and Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries, where beautifully designed sets denote both scene and mood.

Modern furniture comes in wood, metal, and leather

Frequently found in modern furniture design, wood and leather are warm and sophisticated. But while these materials have been used for centuries, modernist designers also turned to metal for its sleek luster and inherently light aesthetic qualities! Metal became a particular favourite of the time and was subsequently used for furniture legs and other stylistic accents. The best of these designs combined all three with expert craftsmanship and continue to be prized over mass-produced pieces!

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Dark wood chest of drawers in modern furniture style.

Modern furniture incorporates smooth surfaces

Modern furnishings impart a classic and elegant feel to any space. Because they’re often stylishly considered, conceptualised, and crafted, these designs favour smooth surfaces that showcase the beauty of the material. You’ll find these pieces rich in lightly-lacquered wood with beautiful grains on display! Don’t hide them with lace doilies; prioritise sensory experiences by keeping your surfaces sleek and smooth. Beyond pure aesthetics, this denotes quality and the importance of workmanship!



Modern design dining chair with contemporary lines.

Modern furniture has clean lines

At its core, modern furniture is minimal. Modernist designers of the past employed linear styles in furniture and spatial design to create rooms that were elegant and clean. Ultimately, this facet of modern design endures, and artisans today emphasise form over function. That means all parts of a modern design provide a purpose. That’s not to say uncommon shapes were avoided; many designers indulged their artistry to great effect. The trick is to limit your showpieces so that they stand out within your personal space!

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Modern furniture is warm and welcoming.

Many popular Modernist designs used warm colours like dusty pink, khaki, olive, and other brown-tinged hues. That means any colour that reminds you of the natural world is right for your Modernist space! Use neutral hues if you prefer a less busy-looking home, and limit the use of brighter hues which can overwhelm your space and strain the eyes!

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