SSF: Going the extra mile for you

SSF is home away from home, a place where your dream home is more than just an idea.

You’ll find inspirations and an extensive range of quality home living products, from soft furnishings to items for your bedrooms and bathrooms within our styled showrooms.

All the products in SSF are personally sourced and individually picked out by our visionary founder Mr. King Wong.

Lovingly dedicated to creating warmth and comfort in Malaysian homes, Mr. Wong makes it a point to study the manufacturing process from furniture-production factories in China. Of this, he says, “My dream is to provide all Malaysians with world class lifestyle at affordable prices.”

In pre-pandemic times, Mr. Wong took it upon himself to travel across the globe, all in his quest to source practical, beautiful, comfortable, and functional pieces.

The goal? Making great design and ideal homes accessible to all Malaysian homeowners.


The SSF creed is Mr. Wong’s vision.

Together, we want to create warm, healthy, happy and homely living spaces for Malaysians, whatever their chosen design aesthetic. We want to help young families to furnish their elegant homes with their favourite pieces. We want to help creative designers to express themselves artistically at home. We want to become the one-stop affordable home solution for college mates on tight budgets. We want to show Malaysians that beautiful homes need not break the bank!

Watch SSF’s storied history unfold!

In addition to bringing quality products to Malaysian shores, we want to reward our family even more! VIP and homecard members get exclusive discounts, so come on over and join the family to start building the home of your dreams at a fraction of the cost!

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