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5 Decor Looks Still Popular in 2020

Decor look still popular in 2020 - individuality and colour pops!

Are your decor looks still in trend? You’ll be surprised that these good old nifty tricks work in spicing up your living space. These are five trends and decor looks still popular in 2020! Make it pop: Celebrating individuality Use colour to uplift the look of your living space! Yellow in wallpaper, sculptured artwork, flowers,

How to Change Your Living Room Style in 5 Easy Steps

Giving your living room a makeover doesn’t need to be complicated. Bring a drastic change to the style of your living room in five easy steps:  Break away from the visuals you’re accustomed to Configuration is key and it takes precedence over the look of your living space. Bored with the way your living room

Why Wood Furniture Will Never Go Out Of Style

Dark, modern, and sophisticated dining table and chairs in lacquered wood.

Fit for royalty, wood furniture which will never go out of style has been a mainstay of homes for centuries now.  Discover some of their hidden quirks and why they are still relevant today! Centuries wear on but wood furniture remains the same! Wood ages well with time, the lustrous beauty, colour and natural grains

The Ultimate Modern Furniture Design Guide

Living room with modern furniture design, wood, and dark chairs.

Modern Furniture Design – what exactly does it constitute? It’s a popular buzzword in the world of design today, and most of us instinctively understand what it entails. Think of sleek materials and minimalist lines coming together to create beautiful furnishings. Still, there is so much more to the style! Don’t worry; we’re here to