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5 Decor Looks Still Popular in 2020

Decor look still popular in 2020 - individuality and colour pops!

Are your decor looks still in trend? You’ll be surprised that these good old nifty tricks work in spicing up your living space. These are five trends and decor looks still popular in 2020! Make it pop: Celebrating individuality Use colour to uplift the look of your living space! Yellow in wallpaper, sculptured artwork, flowers,

This Just in: Earth Tones in Trend for 2020

Living room in earth tones with pink, yellow, beige, and browns.

Earth tones are IN TREND for 2020! If you’ve been following Pantone’s Colour of the Year releases as judiciously as we have been, congratulations: you love colour, and we love you. From 2015’s earthy wine-red Marsala hue to 2018’s Greenery and 2019’s Living Coral, it’s clear homeowners prefer colours that are abundant in nature, hinting