rui . Room & Fabric Mist 50ml


rui’s 50ml Room & Fabric Mist is compact yet powerful, perfect for a refreshing scent on-the-go. Choose from our captivating scents,
crafted to uplift any space. Enjoy luxury fragrance anywhere, whether traveling, in the office, or at home.

Product Dimension: W3.7cm x D3.7cm x H10cm
Size/Capacity: 50ml
Packaging: 1 x Botte of Fabric & Room Mist
Suitable for: Room & Fabric
Ingredients: Water, Solvent, Fragrance, Antibacterial, Deodorant
Available Scents: Ocean Breeze, White Tea and Ginger, Sweet Musk


  • Spray on appropriate amount on clothing, bedclothes, sofa, or fabric from 20-30cm away.
  • When spraying into the air, spray at least 5cm away from a wall or ceiling.
  • It can effectively remove clothing odor, hot pol barbecue fume residual taste, fragrance clothing, supplies, etc.
  • It can be sprayed on household goods: bedding, curtains, wardrobe interior, sofa corner and other places that ore easy to residual odor.


  • Keep in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not spray directly on floors, plastic, furniture, and household items marked “not to be washed”.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not eat.
  • Do not spray a large amount at once, or reuse it in the same place.
  • The liquid leakage caused by the expansion of the inner gas may cause discoloration and deterioration.
  • Please avoid storage in the case of high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.