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Commonly known as swan orchids, Cynoches are the epitome of elegance and grace. What makes them unique are their large, thick pseudobulbs covered in a layer of papery, light brown bracts, with a spray of large veined leaves mostly near the top of the pseudobulb. Measurement: 25cm X 28cm X 44cm 44cm (Height) Material: Satin + Wire + Plastic + Cement Pot
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The taro plant is a staple across the Pacific. This version features bold green leaves for a punch of color and texture in your home. Measurement: 120cm (Height)
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For tropical landscaping, nothing conjures up the idea of an island escapade like the good-old palm tree. Throwback to your favourite island hopping memories with our Aminah Artificial Potted Palm Tree right in your living room. Measurement: 150cm (Height)
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