🎁✨ Attention SSFHOME VIP Members! Time to spend and get e-Gift Voucher ✨🎁

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Here’s the scoop:
🌟 What: “Spend & e-Get Gift Voucher” Campaign
πŸŽ‰ Who: Our Incredible SSFHOME VIP Members (That’s You!)
πŸ’° How: Shop selected items at any SSFHOME outlet and watch the rewards roll in!
🎁 Rewards: Earn fabulous gift vouchers worth up to RM2000! Yes, you read that right! 😍
Whether you’re sprucing up your space or treating yourself to something special, now’s the perfect time to shop ’til you drop and rack up those rewards!
So, what are you waiting for? Head to SSFHOME today and start earning those vouchers! Your shopping spree awaits! Happy shopping, VIPs! Let’s make this campaign one to remember! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰
Terms & Conditions
  1. Introduction:
    1. The β€œSpend & Get e-Gift voucher” promotion is exclusively for active SSFHOME VIP Members.
    2. The promotion aims to provide exclusive benefits to VIP members and enhance their shopping experience.
  2. Promotion details:
    1. This promotion allows SSFHOME VIP Members to indulge in a curated selection of products specially chosen by SSFHOME.
    2. For every purchase made from the selected eligible products, VIP members will earn e-gift voucher(s).
    3. The eligible products may vary and will be marked in-store.
    4. The e-gift voucher can be earned during the promotion period and redeemed on the following month after purchase.
  3. E-Gift Voucher details:
    1. SSFHOME VIP Members can earn e-gift vouchers based on the selected item(s) purchased.
    2. The value of the e-gift voucher earned through this promotion is RM10 |RM20 | RM30 | RM50 | RM100 | RM200 | RM300 | RM500 | RM1,000 | RM2,000, depending on the specific products purchased.
    3. E-Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of credit.
    4. E-Gift voucher will be sent to SSFHOME VIP Members’ registered email address.
    5. Please note that the e-gift voucher amount will depend on the selected item(s) purchased and will be issued based on when purchases are made during the promotion.
    6. We reserve the right to exclude generating vouchers for certain products or categories or ongoing promotions without prior notice.
  4. Redemption and validity of gift e-vouchers
    1. SSFHOME VIP Members can redeem their earned e-gift voucher by presenting them at the time of checkout starting the following month after purchase. Each gift e-voucher is valid for two months from the month after purchase and one-time use only.
    2. E-Gift vouchers can only be utilized for future purchases at SSFHOME outlets.
    3. Each e-gift voucher is non-transferable, non-exchangeable for cash, or other vouchers
    4. The e-gift voucher is also subject to the following restrictions:
      • E-Gift vouchers cannot be applied to previous purchases or combined with any other ongoing in-store promotions or discounts, including 50% Off Selected Items, VIP Deals, custom-made curtains & curtain accessories, cash voucher purchases, product installation, SSFHOME VIP membership fees, workmanship, and delivery, as well as warehouse sales.
      • Total e-gift vouchers per email must be redeemed in one transaction, however, e-gift vouchers from multiple emails cannot be combined. These vouchers cannot be stackable or combined with any other ongoing promotions or discounts as well.
      • E-Gift vouchers have an expiration date, after which they will expire, or lost e-gift vouchers will not be replaced or extended.
  5. General Terms and Conditions
    1. SSFHOME reserves the right to amend or cancel the promotion without prior notice.
    2. Other terms and conditions may apply.
    3. All items are advertised in good faith to be available at the time of the offer. However, unforeseen problems or unexpected demand may occasionally result in stock being unavailable.
    4. While great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of all prices and descriptions, SSFHOME reserves the right to correct any errors and adjust prices, especially due to custom duty or other statutory changes beyond our control.