Strong holiday vibes at home

Holiday vibes can permeate throughout your home but only with the right home accessories and home furnishings.  So, think of all the elements that make a great summer holiday to you; the exotic ambience of a tropical country, the beach or your favourite hotel. Have a go in curating your home starting from the selection as well as the pairing of home furnishings and accessories!


Living room: Sheer curtains and house plants for a tropical holiday vibe. 

Welcome in the warm sunlight and cooling breeze through the use of sheer curtains. Pair the bright and airy aesthetic with larger houseplants to fit into the tropical aesthetic of a Balinese hotel. 

Create a holiday vibe in your bedroom with a comforter.Bedroom: Lighting and comforter for cosiness.

Don’t underestimate the cosiness brought on by comforters that helps to boost and complement the mood dispersed by bedside lightings.

Bathroom: Candles and orchids for luxurious holiday vibe.

Extend the holiday vibe to your bathroom.  Create a bathroom that oozes an aura of sophistication by accessorising your marble countertops with candles and orchids!

Kids’ room: Pixie lights and a swing for a playful touch. 

Make your kids room a paradise with dazzling pixie lights, a relaxing swing or a tapee. 













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