Why Open Concept Offices Are All the Rage

Most of us would prefer working in bright, brand-new environments, especially if they are clean and clutter-free open concept offices. After all, it’s one of the many features that make co-working spaces unique! Before delving into why open concept offices are all the rage, let’s take a look at some significant differences between old and modern offices: 

Open-concept office are all the rage.


                                                                 Old offices                                                        New offices 

The office is… 

A place to work.

A place to work and play. 

How is it furnished?

Fit as many desks in the space as you can!

A unique arrangement of desks are involved. Individual clusters of workstations are spaced out to provide comfort and privacy.

What are the dominant colours?

Greys and browns.

Multi-colour or pastels. 

What kind of furniture is used?

Individual cubicles are great for privacy, but cause workers to feel restricted or confined within the space.

Shared desks prevent a cluttered work space, as people leave less things laying around.  


The lines between work and play are blurred

Simple amendments have been made to conventional office design in recent times! This brings a drastic change to our work culture. In response to the long hours we spend working, offices these days are designed with a “home away from home” concept in mind. Doing without rooms and doors provides the workforce with the opportunity to establish work and play zones, therefore promoting a healthy work-life balance. Moreover, a roomless open office featuring a casual shared workspace will further improve interactions between employers and their employees. 


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Reasons why open-concept offices are all the rage.
Tip: Throw in a pastel or bold-coloured rug, a sofa, and a few armchairs to set the lounge area apart within an open-concept office. The interior design of an office says a lot about the work culture of the company it houses!

Furniture choices are unlimited with better use of space

Those who work from home without the luxury of a home office tend to work at the dining table. This concept has been adopted in the office of recent days! Many modern offices have done away with traditional desks, making use of long dining tables or even bar tables to fully utilise the square footage. Individual office cubicles and office pods are certainly not a thing of the past. In fact, they offer privacy when one is stationed away from other worktables. All ergonomic aspects considered, these furniture choices provide the illusion of a clean and spacious office.  

Flexible configurations add to the functionality and layout


Open office spaces have been more more functional with the use of mobile cubicles incorporating desks with caster wheels. Creating a makeshift meeting area has never been easier! 


Open concept offices boost creativity with more creativity!

An open space invites creative interior design, which in turn promotes creativity in one’s work! Consider a workspace filled with indoor plants that hang from an open mezzanine floor – surely a space to promote focus and better quality of work! Interior designers are also using colours, and they have proven to be an important aspect of any work space. These little elements help to boost creativity and productivity while changing the definition of what an office space should be.