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Contemporary bedroom for design journal.

Welcome to our very own design journal! Making a house feel like a home can be a difficult task, and the requisite work is a combination of many different things with markedly different results. Furniture is an especially important part of it, but at SSF, we understand that there is more that goes into making a place feel welcome. Our brand-new Design Journal is a compilation of important information, tips, the latest news, and design stories to help you make your house feel like a home you can live, thrive, and grow in.

We invite you to Discover, Learn, Share, and Engage with stories from our experts!

Design journal; living space with nesting coffee tables, decorative cat figurine, and table lamp.

If you’re looking to discover the hottest, latest news in interior design and furniture design, tab on over to the Inspirations section. Here, you’ll find stories on the latest trends, popular design styles, and timeless designs.

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We’ll also be covering home, living, and lifestyle stories in our Lifestyle section for those of you who want some fresh ideas on how to jazz up an old space. Get information and life hacks on how to clean, use, and maintain your home furnishings and accessories in this section!

Don’t forget to head on over to the Styling Tips section to pick up some grand ideas on how to set up your home exactly as you envision! And if you want to read up on the latest news at SSF, check out the SSF News section, where you’ll find information on promos, events, and launches!

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