Metallics and Their Place in Your Home

Attracted to the dazzling sheen of metallics gleaming under the twinkling of lights? We love them too! If it weren’t for the metallic touches, many designs including mid-modern century wallpaper would have certainly lost their lustrous appeal. Here’s how you can incorporate them into your modern home!


Establish an edgy look to your home with metallics!

Fun facts about metallic accents: Sheen, textures, and finishing.

Gold in shiny chrome and matte brass may look worlds apart, but they’re both equally stunning in their own way! The most popular shades apart from gold include silver, copper, bronze, and rose gold.

  • Smooth and flawless chromes, especially chromatic rainbow, brings a futuristic look into the home. The appropriate materials to use are steel, aluminium, and zinc alloys.  


  • Matte brass accessories have a lot to offer! They give rustic interiors their distinct ‘aged and worn’ characteristics. It’s uncharacteristic for metallic accents to not reflect a cold look within a space, but it’s achievable with matte brass!



Creative ways to incorporate metallic touches to your home:

Metallics bring forth a golden opportunity: they open up a plethora of DIY projects! Go ahead and play! You can embroider a sheer room divider using metallic threads, perk up dull storerooms with metallic hand-drawn murals, and spray-paint old chairs to give them new life! You can also invest in a chair or sofa featuring powder-coated steel legs, coloured mirrors for your bathrooms, or stylish dustbins for your kitchens.

A candle holder is the perfect way to add metallic accents into your home.

Metallic accents don’t come off looking cold all the time.

Create these stylish looks with just three items: 


Where: Converting your home study or landing into partial indoor plant nursery is understandably trendy today!

Aesthetic: A relaxing, breezy space.

Colour and material pairing: Cream coloured sofa paired off with emerald blue throws or cushions and gold planters.


Where: A closed but cosy kitchen.

Aesthetic: A sophisticated aesthetic flaunting a marriage of old and new.

Colour and material pairing: Walls painted in black or navy blue? Add touches of copper to elevate an upscale antiquated look.



Where: A quiet and serene living room.

Aesthetic: Rock out a chic look.

Colour and material pairing: Don’t let marble flooring go to waste! Set an edgy-chic look with fluffy rugs, brass-framed glass coffee tables and pops of purple orchids or green houseplants.


Popular choice: Metallic gold, silver, copper and rose gold.
Choose the right metallic accents with coffee capsules and tassels!

Picking out the right metallic shade and finishing for your home.

With so many metallic colours and finishings available, how do you pick out the right one for your home? Here’s a list of items that you can use temporarily, to put colours, sheen and finishing into perspective:

1. Foil Balloons.
2. Satin or mylar riboons.
3. Christmas baubles.
4. Silver trays, mirrors and reflective storage boxes.

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