Light & Easy: The flexibility of foldable furniture

Flexible, foldable, and multi-purpose are among the many key features you want in your furniture especially, when you’re tight on space!

Reasons why you should invest in foldable furniture: 

Portability and storage 

Foldable furniture can be packed into boxes, put away into the storeroom, or placed in the space between a wall and shelf depending on how sleek the design is. The compact form of collapsed foldable furniture takes up a lot less space than their expanded counterparts, making them very convenient options for small homes. And if you enjoy spending time out of doors, you can even bring these foldable furniture pieces with you!

Portable bed or sofa tables are the perfect solution for those who live and work without dedicated desk spaces!

As light as a feather.   

Lifting these lightweight pieces for transfer is never going to be a problem, so you won’t leave permanent scratches on the floor when you’re moving them about. The flip side of this is that smaller collapsible furniture pieces may not be suitable for outdoor use in the case of strong winds. Be sure to test them out beforehand, and if necessary, weigh them down!

Makeshift functionality 

Breakfast trays serve more than one function! Providing the legs are tall and stable enough to provide proper support, breakfast trays can be converted into makeshift laptop tables for when you’re reclining in your sofa bed!

Tip: Tableware makes for versatile storage solutions. Invest in tiered cake trays to store individual pieces of jewellery.

Customised’ features. 

Who’s to say you can’t use personalised furniture in small and cosy spaces? Most foldable chairs work with any cushion covers and throws of a variety of colours. Take your pick of accessories and customise your very own portable ‘armchair.’ Swap out the look according to the latest trends!

‘Boxed up’ 

We may love futons, but they take up plenty of floor space! Go for mattresses elevated with custom-made storage dressers.

Tip: Choose space-saving solutions such as nesting tables or dining sets with chairs that can fit snugly underneath the table.

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