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SSF Loyalty Program

SSF was founded in 1987; it is one of the most successful concept store and home living concept store provider in Malaysia. We are the source of inspiration for our customers to pursuit their ideal home and living environment. Customer can join SSF@Home Member or Business Partner Loyalty Program and enjoy the exclusive privileges. 




Benefits & privileges 

·        Enjoy wholesale price without purchase in bulk.

·        Exclusive invitation for participation in SSF’s event.

·        Redeem voucher from the point you earned for every ringgit spent. 

·        Members will enjoy cash vouchers rebate is from 2% - 5%. Rebate cash voucher will be issued at the end of the membership tenure based on the yearly accumulative total spending;

RM1 - RM20,000 – 2%

RM20,001 - RM40,000 – 3%
RM40,001 - RM60,000 – 4%

RM60,001 and above – 5%

·        The rebate cash voucher is allowed to pay off the membership fee of RM100 and RM50.


Member Fee 

·        Each application is required a membership fee of RM100 for one (1) year.

·        Each application is eligible to apply a maximum of two (2) supplementary cards with a membership fee of RM50 each.

·        Membership renewal fees are subject to a number of purchases in the previous year.  

                             i.          Purchase RM1 - RM4999

Principal - RM100

Supplementary Cards - RM50 each


                           ii.          Purchase RM5000 and above 

        Principal & Supplementary cards fee will be waived for one year 

Card Application Eligibility & Requirement

1. Business Partner card applications are open to related industry in Malaysia, including Bridal house, Curtain retail, Event management, Florist retail and academy school, Café, Coffee house, Restaurant, Hotel, Gift & Souvenir shop, Interior decorator & designer, Property developer, Wedding planner and etc.


2. Application shall be accompanied with complete relevant documents, such as Registered Association, Business or Company with certified registration documents, Photocopy of I/D, Business card, Company Stamp or Seal, Latest passport size photo, duly signed application form.


Terms and Conditions


1. Business Partner Card is valid at all SSF showrooms.

2. Business Partner Card is not a credit card or charge card.

3. The authorized purchaser with picture on the card is entitled for the privileges and the Business Partner Card must be presented upon every purchase for validation.

4. Business Partner membership is valid for 1 year (12 months) upon card issue. In the event that a card expired or cancelled, all rebates shall be considered as null and void.

5. Business Partner Card members are eligible to apply up to 2 supplementary cards of the same company with authorization from the principal.

6. Each supplementary card is required a membership fee of RM50 per card.

7. SSF Sdn Bhd Reserves the right to decline the application or withdraw the Business Partner Card at any time or terminate membership whenever necessary without prior notice.

8. Lost or damaged card, a fee of RM50 will be charged for card replacement.

9. SSF Sdn Bhd reserves the right to amend the privileges and the terms and conditions aligned from time to time at its absolute discretion without prior notice.





Benefits & privileges 


·        Purchase specialty items at exclusive member-only prices.

·        Enjoy any first 2 items with 40% off and subsequent 5 items with 30% off based on the retail price during birthday month.

·        Stay update via mailers & SMS and get special invites to SSF activities and attractive offers

Member Fee

·        Annual Fee for New Member - RM37.60 (valid for one year (12 months)

·        Annual Fee for Renewal - RM37.60 (Valid for one year (12 months)

Card Application Eligibility & Requirement 

1. Open to all applicants of age 18 and above.

2. New applicants must present either of the following proof of identity; identity card (NRIC), driving license or passport upon submission of application.

3. A fee of RM37.60 is required upon application.

4. SSF @HOME Card is valid for 1 year and to be renewed for at a fee of RM37.60. 

5. Eligible applicants will immediately be granted membership and issue a card.

6. All personal information and document provided by the applicants will be kept confidential. By submitting this form the applicants agrees to allow SSF Sdn Bhd the authority to process their personal information for the purposes of applying for the SSF@HOME Card. It is also agreed that SSF Sdn Bhd is also authorized by the applicants to store their information in their customer database and SSF Sdn Bhd is at liberty to contact the applicant for future promotions.

7. By submitting this form applicants hereby undertake to keep SSF Sdn Bhd informed and updated on any change in their particulars and do hereby consent to SSF Sdn Bhd collecting their personal information.

8. The company reserves the rights to reject any applicant at its sole discretion.

Terms and Condition 

1. SSF @HOME Card is valid at all SSF showrooms.

2. SSF @HOME Card is not a credit card or charge card.

3. The SSF @HOME Card must be presented upon every purchase for validation to enjoy all SSF @HOME Card membership benefits.

4. All employees of SSF are not eligible to neither apply nor use the SSF @HOME Card.

5. SSF Sdn Bhd reserve the right to withdraw, suspend, cancel or terminate the SSF @HOME Card program at any time and to modify, vary or change any of the benefits from time to time without prior notice to members, even though the changes might affect the members right.

6. If SSF @HOME Card is stolen, lost or damaged, unless in the case of possessing police report for the theft or damage, RM10 will be charged for the replacement of card.

7. Discounts are applicable to all products except cash voucher, curtain accessories, consignment product, deposit, workmanship, installation fee, on-going promotion item, defected item, clearance stock, membership renewal fee and transportation fee.

8. Should your information need to be updated due to changes, kindly visit the nearest SSF branch's customer service counter. This is to ensure you still enjoy the benefits as a member.

9. SSF SDN BHD reserves the rights to change, add, amend or delete any of the “Terms and Conditions” without prior notice and the member shall be bound by such changes. 

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