How Often Is Too Often: Bed Linen Washing Tips

Crisp and fresh sheets are extremely soft and comfortable, facilitating better sleep.  How often do you wash your bedding to prevent them from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and fungi? While some of us are guilty of never washing our sheets enough, others are guilty of the opposite! Don’t worry if you’re unsure, though – here are some bed linen washing tips for you!

Bright and clean bed with blue bedding for bed linen care tips.Wash duvets no more than twice a year

While bed sheets are frequently washed, duvets rarely receive any of that same love! However, they do need to be washed, at least once a year. It’s a delicate process, however, as stitches may come undone and fillings may burst from their seams. Depending on your washing methods, they may even become lumpy or flat!

Solution: Invest in a duvet cover to keep your duvets clean! Air it out in the sunlight to kill bacteria, germs, and dust mites, and thoroughly dry them after every wash.

Wash your mattress protector once every two months

Mattress protectors are kept away from natural bodily oils, so it isn’t necessary to wash them on a weekly basis. Excessive washing can wear them down quickly, so that they are no longer soft and fluffy. 

Wash throw blankets every two weeks 

Your daily habits and frequency of use determines how often you should wash your throw blankets. You should clean them weekly if you’re using them on a daily basis, but don’t spare them from immediate attention when necessary.

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Wash bed linens weekly or every two weeks 

Washing your bed linens too frequently will result in discoloration and thinning of the material, leading to unexpected tears even in high quality buys! Stick to fortnightly washes if allergies aren’t an issue and invest in bacteria-resistant bedlinens. Pick linens to suit your lifestyle best; silk linens and breathable cooling sheets made of bamboo

Prolong the lifespan of your linens by alternating between several different sets. This also prevents dust mites from settling onto your mattress while they’re being laundered. Do wash them in water of at least 60⁰C to get rid of germs.

Wash pillow casings weekly 

Like bed linens, pillow casings are hot spots for dust mites as they thrive on dead skin cells. The mites’ faeces triggers allergic reactions, and along with the dead dust mites could add weight to our pillows. While skincare experts have long debated the benefits of weekly washes, those with acne and skin issues could benefit from a daily wash. You can also flip your pillow over to get more use out of each wash!

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