Dressing Your Sofa

“Suit up!” is a phrase us potatoes and sitcom buffs are familiar with. Suit up we will! Dressing up your sofa from the sole-up isn’t an occasion-only initiative; in fact, like your favourite television characters, you should use these accessories to boost the look and comfort of your seating for normal day-to-day wear and tear!

Feet pads, caps, and chair socks

Keep both furniture and floor protected from potential damage with these:

  • Feet pads should be kept hidden from plain sight! If having them show is unavoidable, worry not – choose colours similar to the feet of your chairs. These are perfect if you prefer a minimal look that simultaneously elevates your chair ever so slightly.


  • Knitted chair socks can be unsightly, but they can be more durable as they won’t come off as easily as feet pads.


Dress up your sofa with a padding!


Padded backings are extremely comfortable, but can also be detrimental at the same time. If you’re not careful, leaning against a throw cushion on your sofa for a long time can give way to an unhealthy seating position. That’s why you should choose a sofa with the right padding in all the right places.

Tip: As with sofas, your work chair should also be cushioned on the seat.


Dress up your sofa with comfortable throw cushions.

Throw cushions

While throw cushions may be detrimental to your back, you don’t need to fully eliminate them from your sofa! You can snuggle up to them for warmth or comfort when watching a horror movie. Use bold and solid colour-blocking palettes such as red and turquoise for light grey and beige coloured sofas, and classic chequerboard and lined patterns for black sofas.

Tips in dressing up your sofa: Master the art of layering by using cushions of different colours, shades, designs, sizes, and shapes.



Slip-covers are important when you have pets or a multi-generational family living under the same roof. Padded covers are great for providing additional support for the elderly, but also for plumping up the cushions of thinning sofas. Slip covers also help to protect your sofas from discolouration, soil, water, and dust.

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