Dream balcony ideas

It’s in our little balconies that we find little slices of heaven and serenity within these uncertain pre and post-covid times. Curb the hidden clutter in your balcony and focus on channeling your inner designer to create the lounging space of your dreams!

Looking for inspiring ideas for your balcony?

Balcony idea 1#: Garden of Eden 

Adorn a feature wall with plants to create a calming oasis within the balcony! Use stalks of bamboo to complement the immaculate look of a zen rock garden. Enjoy the billowing breeze and scenic views of nature or skyscrapers within the privacy of your own home, and don’t forget that soothing cup of matcha, hojicha, or genmaicha tea.

Tip: Feature walls adorned with wooden slats or plants bring a cosy and yet dramatic transformation to boring balconies. You can replicate the natural look of an exotic jungle with a vertical garden flaunting textured plants such as leafy ferns paired off with a stand-alone bird of paradise plant. Not ready to take this bold risk? Transform your space into a home plant nursery by investing in space-saving garden carts for your beloved potted plants.

Balcony idea 2#: Snug and comfy!

There’s more room for comfort with compact balconies. Contrary to popular belief, you can do away with a sofa, chair, and table, and still establish a cosy and intimate ambience within the balcony. Opt for plenty of plush throw cushions, throws for your walls, multiple fabric rugs for your floor, and bean bags!  However, if sofas are a must, you can have one fitted snugly against the wall!

Keep things a little more upbeat with patterned cushion covers and mandala throws. Tone them down with warm orange-brown tones in half rattan rugs, lighting, and decking. Picture having an outdoor picnic!

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Balcony idea 3#: Swing it! 

The balcony is a space of solitude. With the floor carpeted with faux grass, you can cosy up to a corner sofa, or a swing on which to enjoy a good book along with the natural breeze and the breathtaking view of the skyline with a glass of wine, a hot cup of cocoa, coffee or tea! Don’t forget to dazzle up your reading nook with fairy lights!

Tip: With safety measures in place, your balcony can even be converted into a play area for your children or pets. Do make sure you keep a watchful eye on them!


Option: Close quarters 

No room for frivolities? Balconies can be seen as an extra, but necessary space for work or laundry purposes. Create a simple but intriguing visual by building an ‘enclosed’ balcony featuring tiled flooring or a dramatic wooden door frame to draw a distinct line between your study and the rest of your apartment.

Tip: Not much room to play? Create a ‘bar’ facing scenic views of your surroundings.