Creating an Ombre Style At Home

Ombre breaks down the colour story and explores your choice of shades in furnishings. A skillful technique in establishing unique effects on dull doors and old drawers, it’s a great way to add colour and flair at home! Here are a few creative ways to incorporate ombre into your interior aesthetics.

Sharpen your ‘ombre’ skills starting from your sofa 

Sharpen your ‘ombre’ skills starting from your sofa 

Never settle for boring! Choose bold colours in muted shades for your sofa upholstery.  Yellow upholstery can be complemented by colours ranging from lighter to darker shades, starting from peach to orange to tan brown.  Alternatively, you can also go with rugs, artworks, vases, baubles, and soap dispensers; or even DIY a mobile.


Set a chic demure look by dyeing the end of your sheer curtains with playful colours such as blue, pastel pink or green! You need only accessorise your chic space with simple white scented candles.

Soften the look of your curtains! 

White curtains yellow or grey easily, thanks to dust! Make it a little less obvious by dip dyeing the ends, particularly the side closer to the floor, in softer colours such as blue to accentuate a soft and demure aesthetic. This technique helps to perk up boring sheer or shower curtains, cushion covers, table cloths, and even blankets or throws!


Tip: Create a beautiful contrast for curtains with mismatched colours such as yellow-grey, pink-blue or yellow-blue. 


Which technique would you use in the creation of an ombre furniture or feature wall?Giving your set of drawers a fresh coat of paint! 

Up for a challenge? White drawers are the perfect opportunity for prepping your kids rooms while also exploring differing colours and ombre techniques. You’ve got the option to ‘paint your way up’ vertically with diverse shades such as white, grey, navy blues, and black or white, peach, pink, and coral. Otherwise, paint each drawer horizontally with a mix of colours. Think gradients!  

Tip: If you’re no good with paint brushes, opt to spray paint instead! Divide and conquer your drawers by content based on their colours!


Set a colour scheme to your ombre-themed living space with a dash of yellow followed by grey and copious amounts of different shades of blue!

Colour coding with your furniture. 

Reluctant to paint your furniture? Get furniture of the right design and you can leave them as they are. With open shelving, you can flaunt your colour coding skills in the arrangement of your books and shoes.

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Shine a spotlight with lighting.

Use enamel paint for frosted glass, thread for sculptural steel and dyes for fabric and paper lamp shades. Try kickstarting your project with a concrete lamp! 

Tip: Who’s to say your kitchen can’t include ombre elements? Go with flasks, ceramic pots, pitchers, and colourful coffee capsules!