At my age now (late 40s’), I am very certain of what I love in life. My family is one. My home is another. My wife is a homemaker who needs the kitchen to be clean and neat at all time. Indian cooking can be tricky but my wife can handle it perfectly. We both are nature lovers. The greens soothe me, so plants are a must at home. It brings me back to peace and my core belief. That might also explain the many wooden furniture we have chosen for the house. My wife and I knows that in our God’s safe hand, our children will grow up well and have a blessed life.


My family is a gift from Heaven. I have 2 lovely daughters. Diana still lives with us until she graduates while Sofi lives with her husband in Dubai. We are new grandparents¬†even though we don’t look a day older than 50! Now that my children are big enough,¬†I finally get to enjoy some well-deserved free time. I like having Mrs Chan and Datin Rozita over. We like to discuss glasswares and decanters. Mrs Chan is my inspiration for my unique wall papers! The mirror in the living room, that is definitely Datin Rozita’s idea to make the room classy and my guests welcomed. My bold decision at home furnishing makes me a happy friend, mum and wife!


My husband, Colin, is from Scotland. His love for simplicity has influenced me faintly. Cold country but warm people, I always say. We both love to host, having friends over and try a variety of new recipes. Our baby girl is growing up and we would like to take this opportunity to let her make friends and embrace the diversity of cultures at a young age. Therefore, our home design is a mix of West and East (like our marriage), but mainly goes with the theme of white and floral. A cosy corner is nothing without flowers. They make this place called home gentle and welcoming. We are absolutely a happy family in a lovely home.


Ten years ago, my wife (May) and I took the leap of faith and started our own business. Abundant business trips together have inspired us to bring some of the cultures we experienced home: the Terracotta warriors and the bonsai for example. We may not have the time to pay much attention to the details for our home, but my wife and I believe strongly in values and ethics. As businessmen, we embrace positivity and integrity. That is why in our house, we like home decors that enhance prosperity, and those that speak principles as well. We are lucky to have our parents staying in the same neighborhood. Our child goes there whenever we are not around. I couldn’t have asked for more than this blessed life.


Off to the tranquil of the countryside, that is what my husband like to say when he refers to our lovely home. He likes the scent and colours of the woods while I am happy with the colours of bright foliages and flowers. He has a preference for vintage collections at home which complements my love for arts. Happily married, we enjoy how our opinions intertwined in home furnishing and in life.


I always dream of having a big happy family and now my dream has come true. Abang and I have 2 kids and we are staying with my in-laws too. We love having guests and neighbours over from time to time. That’s why I like to decorate my house with unique statement pieces, like the plush elegant sofa and the huge island in the kitchen. Mrs Chan, my neighbour, especially adores my exquisite glassware! These bold-coloured products really freshen up the look of my home and brings delightful surprises to not just my friends but my family members. A home speaks of the style of an owner, I totally agree!


I work hard. As a millennial, I am very confident and achievement-oriented. That’s why I am very proud to be able to own a simple yet contemporary living space that suits my independence. There should be no clutters at any corners and I like my furniture design to be sleek and clean where I can live and work comfortably. My kitchen has to be equipped with an oven and functional stove area because I like to bake and cook. This house represents my style, my character.


I always tell my friends, we are old young grandparents. Old and classy in taste and age, but young at heart and aspirations. Like all other parents in the world, we love our children to bits, but we don’t stifle. In fact, our granddaughter likes to stay with us, even more so when her parents (May and her husband) are on business trips. We travel widely and value freedom. You can see that in our eccentric design at home. Instead of drawings, we adore world map. Our furniture all can stand the test of time with a tinge of contemporary twist. This is how we love our retirement.