Bright idea: Ways to illuminate your space with lighting

Picking the right lighting fixture for your space isn’t merely about picking up a beautiful design. You’d need to consider the colour temperature and the functionality of your space. So light up and give your home an ambience that is warm, intimate and comfortable!

Light up your space with the right lighting fixture!

The light bulb moment:

  • Light up larger spaces with fluorescent light bulbs! They’re energy-efficient but contain mercury.

  • Incandescent light bulbs distribute warm lighting in all directions. It can be fitted into smaller lamps as well as chandeliers. They work well with dimmers but require you to use with lamps of the right wattage!

  • Ideal for recessed, track or task lighting, Halogen light bulb emits white light. Safety is a concern, however, as the light bulb could shatter when it’s too hot.

  • There isn’t mercury in LED light bulbs nor would they heat up. Bright, these LED light bulbs are perfect not just for task lighting but for under bed lighting too!


Lighting with a purpose:

  • Ambient lighting does what it’s meant to do, to brighten up your space! Tweak this for a comfortable brightness level to offset the painful glare in your living space!

  • Task lighting enhances the functionality of a space! They come in the form of table lamps which help to brighten up your desks and strips of LED light for other poorly lit areas such as kitchen cabinets.

  • Accent lighting stages a dramatic effect upon dark spaces such as stairways but also to cast a focus on pieces of artworks and pathways at your garden. These lightings help to set an intimate mood and ambience, enhancing the aesthetic of your interior.

Lighting by space

Floored by lighting. Illuminate your home with a floor lamp flaunting an evergreen globe design that complements its stylish marble base. If you’re not ‘bowled over’ by curvier floor lamp shades that function as a reading light, this one offers multiple light sources that fits right in between two armchairs or a workspace with two desks!

Tip: Throwing shade. Bring a curtain of colour to your space through the use of sheer coloured fabric lamp shade. Alternatively, the perforated surface of your lamp shade can cast a charming pattern onto your wall in place of a wallpaper.

A penchant for pendants. It’s only with pendant lamps that you can explore and customise the configuration of your lighting. Take your ‘layering’ skills up a notch to best present a set of individual jewel glass pendant lamps at your dining area. Otherwise, choose artistic ones to encapsulate the structural beauty of lights designed for stylish homes.

Option: Clean and minimalist ceiling, track or recessed lights for soft diffused ‘hidden’ lighting for your bedroom.

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Table talk. Make room for clocks on your bedside table with low hanging pendant lights! Table lamps, however, are evidently important in your living room. It exudes a warm and inviting glow to your space, perfect, if you’re snuggling up with your loved ones as you watch a movie! With the right shade, table lamps can function as desk lamps!

Driving up the wall. Design has never played a more important role in lighting. With well-designed wall lamps, you’d get to switch the angles where lighting should cascade upon. Grab this opportunity to leave an artistic impression on your guest! How? By incorporating them on a feature wall!

Tip: Come back to a well-lit home with water-resistant outdoor lighting. Choose the design wisely and you’ll be rewarded with a well-dispersed lighting within dark areas such as your porch!