Bathroom Improvement in 7 Easy Steps

Bright bathroom with black fixtures and white and brown shelving units.

The bathroom may not be where we spend most of our time, but it is where we really ‘wake up’ every morning. From sink to shower stall, how well your bathroom is done up can really impact your mood. Dark, damp spaces are generally not great for putting one in a state of mind to work, so we’ve come up with a list of ways to follow for bathroom improvement, and by doing so, improve your day!

Bathroom with white subway tiles, marble look surfaces, black accents, and modern minimalist interior.

Add some green

Bathroom improvement begins with setting the mood! Green is known to aid focus and centre the mind – it is one of the calmest shades in the colour wheel, which means it’s the perfect addition for quick bathroom improvement! To really amp up that nature vibe, incorporate the colour with artificial plants hung from the ceiling or walls.

Keep it ventilated

A badly-ventilated bathroom is a bathroom plagued by mold, fungus, and bacteria. Where there is water, there is mold, so it is important to air out the space after use so things dry as quickly as possible. This is especially true if you hang your used towels to dry in the bathroom! Consider opening a window, or install special ventilating fans to help the process along.

Scrub your grout

Home to dirt, stains, grease, soap scum, mold, and microbes, dirty grout lines don’t look great in one’s bathroom aesthetic. Keep your grout clean with antibacterial cleaner, or use a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap if you’re making some from scratch! Remember to give it a good scrub down with a hearty brush to really get rid of the scum!

Dark concrete look bathroom with dressing room lights, circular mirror, integrated towel rack.

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Fragrance is important

Aromatherapy is a great way to set the ambience and tone of your bathroom space! While scents like lavender are great to calm the mind, others like lemon and grapefruit rejuvenate, energise, and revitalise the senses. Use a fragrance diffuser or an oil burner to get the scent of your choice going!

Try for natural light

If the bathroom is where you do your make-up and hair, it pays off to ensure your light is natural light – or as close as possible to it. Not only is it easier on the eyes, it’s also a surer indication of the colours in your make-up palette. And besides, natural light makes for much better Insta-worthy bathroom inspiration pics!

Separate your spaces

As a safety measure, the floor surrounding your sink and toilet bowl should always be dry. To do this, you will need to install shower curtains to separate the bathing area from the rest of your bathroom, or a glass door, which is ideal. Remember that it pays off to make a one-time investment for future comfort and ease!

Use your walls wisely

With homes getting smaller and smaller, floor space is more precious than ever before! In tiny spaces like the bathroom, it’s important to capitalise whatever space you have for storage and towel racks, which means your walls are your best bet. Install racks, rods, and hooks, and don’t forget to test them for weight limits!

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