6 Clever Ways You Never Thought to Use Artificial Plants

Ah, flowers and foliage! If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a home decorated with a rich and playful display of flowers and foliage without triggering your sinus, we can help! Pick out artificial plants with lush foliage and fan them out on the wall for a tropical look. You can also use brightly-coloured orchids to add a luxurious and exotic touch to dark bathrooms.


Types of artificial plants


Silk or plastic blooms.

Paper installations.

Embroidered screens.

Crystal doorknobs.

Metal sculptures.


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1. A lush “bed” of flowers.

Experience living and thriving within a lush bed of flowers, only they’re installed on your ceiling. Having the ethereal beauty of flowers within your periphery as you lay in bed will impart a quiet and serene visual that makes it easy to relax and fall into a deep slumber. Choose individual lavender and orchid stalks for this project!

2. Artificial plants make dainty three-dimensional wallpapers.

Get out your crafting tools and create your own 3D wallpaper using differently-coloured organza ribbons, papers, or flower heads. Sculptured paper installations are wonderful, but a handmade wind chime or mobile in your child’s bedroom works too!

3. Ceiling fans and phone wallpapers.

Mini palm trees exude the vivid imagery of a lush tropical jungle at home. Likewise, high-quality artificial plants make for great wallpapers for your phones too! If space is a concern, these also come in individual pieces. It’s a great way to go if you’re looking for pieces to match the design of your ceiling fan that mimics the natural details of your houseplant.

4. A hanging “garden”.

Creeping plants can easily be worked around exposed pipes or the frame of an old clothes’ rack. Try upcycling the latter as a room partition! It should also be sturdy enough for holding up potted plants too!

5. Nip it in the bud with an artpiece.

Paper origami, felt, or silk? Fill in letter marquees with a mix of paper origami pieces and a dozen of silk rose buds to personalise your room. Change out the look by incorporating faux grass and fairy lights!

6. Decorate old bed slats or four poster beds with artificial plants.

Convert old bed slats into an inspiring mood board for your study with the artificial plants you have lying around in the house. Alternatively, in place of sheer curtains, you can also string artificial flowers over the beams of four poster bed!